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Tooth Replacement


Enhance Your Health and Lifestyle Following Tooth Loss

Tooth replacement options are available to you when you experience tooth loss. Missing teeth cause aesthetic problems but more vital are the health issues that follow.


Early tooth replacement is essential to your bone and gum tissue where the loss has occurred. Missing tooth replacement is also necessary to protect your surrounding teeth.


Common tooth replacement solutions


Dental appliances are most often used to replace your missing tooth or teeth. Popular options include dentures and dental bridges.


Dental crowns are an attractive option for tooth replacement. Crowns require sufficient tooth structure for secure placement above your gum line.


Dental implants are a solid, secure, and lasting tooth replacement treatment. Implants blend with your surrounding teeth, create a stable new tooth root, and promote gum and bone tissue health.


Tooth replacement according to your health and your appearance goals


Your missing tooth replacement relies on your tooth loss circumstances, your jawbone and gum health, and your lifestyle goals.


Contact your Palm Beach Gardens dentist about tooth replacement solutions. Schedule a consultation and dental examination to discuss your specific tooth loss circumstances and your treatment goals.

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