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Routine Cleaning


A Routine That Helps Prevent Damage to your Teeth and Gums

Routine teeth cleanings in Palm Beach Gardens helps eliminate the harmful bacteria from your teeth and gums. This treatment two times per year can preserve your oral health and save you costs on additional dental treatment.


Routine cleanings support your daily brushing and flossing habit. Our in-office procedure is effective for reaching those areas of your mouth, gums, and teeth where harmful oral bacteria can hide.


Plaque and tartar are removed during your routine teeth cleaning. Your dental hygienist will manually remove (scale) the tartar from your tooth surfaces and polish them to create a smoother surface.


Your routine cleaning also gives your Palm Beach Gardens dentist and dental hygienist the opportunity observe the ongoing health and condition of your teeth and gums.


Contact our Palm Beach Gardens dental office about preventive dentistry. Schedule your next routine teeth cleaning.

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